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Sports Premium

 Sports Funding 2017/ 2018

For the academic year 2017/18, we received approximately £16,000 of additional funding to improve the provision of PE and sport within school.  We used this finding in the following ways:

We have developed a link with Premier Sports who have provided us with skilled sports coaches who have helped us to deliver quality PE teaching across the school.  This has also provided continued professional development training for all teachers from Reception, Year 1 and Year 2.  Staff have been able to observe sessions and deliver elements of the sessions as appropriate.

Premier sports coaches have also provided targeted support for individuals and small groups of children.  This has enabled children to access the sessions with the rest of their class by pre-learning or practising some of the key skills being taught.



 The coaches have also helped to train our elite athletes for local competitions that we have entered this year.  We have continued to have success in gymnastics, multi-skills, football and indoor athletics competitions


We took on a sports apprentice this year, who worked alongside teachers to support children in PE lessons.  Our sports apprentice spent time working with the children in Reception to help them develop and refine their gross motor skills (climbing, building and riding bikes).  She also worked closely with individuals and small groups of children to provide additional PE activities over and above over and above our timetabled sessions.



We have used a considerable amount of our funding to provide a range of after school sports clubs.  This year we have provided the following clubs:

Dodgeball, Archery, Tennis, Athletics, Tag Rugby, Cricket, Football


Clubs have been full to capacity and we have had a great response from the children about their involvement and enjoyment in these clubs.  We used the funding to ensure that all children attended one club,free of charge, throughout the year.  We ensured that all children entitled to Pupil Premium funding attended one free of charge club each term.  This enabled a much great number of children to access after school clubs.

Our PE coordinator applied for the Quality Start Award which, "is a prestigious award that will evidence the strength and quality of physical education and sport in schools.  It will raise the profile of the subject and the school, both locally and nationally, and will promote the outstanding work that is being undertaken on a daily basis".  We were pleased to receive the BRONZE level of the award and we are already working on our next steps and targets to achieve the SILVER next year.

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